The Harvard Book Prize, Scholarship, and Essay Award 2022

Book Prize Winners during the Award Ceremony

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded to outstanding students in the next-to-graduating class who have achieved academic excellence, possess exceptional personal qualities, and/or have made a significant contribution to school or community.

All winners of the Book Prize have the opportunity to apply for the Book Prize Scholarship or the Essay Award.

Book Prize Scholarship

Many Hong Kong families assume they cannot afford to study at Harvard. Since 2015, the Book Prize Scholarship awards two to three exceptional students from such families the opportunity to do so.

"The scholarship didn't open doors for me; instead, it allowed me to realise I can be the person opening all these doors." - Tak Huen Chau, 2015 Scholarship Winner, Sha Tin Methodist College, Sha Tin. Currently a second year student at Merton College, University of Oxford.

“I never dreamed I could win the Scholarship given my background. My two classmates who also won the Book Prize did not apply for the Scholarship, because they did not think it was possible for them to win. Even though I knew my chances of winning would be low, I told myself I had to at least try - I could not waste such a rare opportunity to try. I am so glad and thankful that I tried.” - Valerie Kwok, 2017 Scholarship winner, Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School, Sheung Shui

Essay Award

Starting in 2018, the Essay Award will recognize two to three students for their excellence in English writing related to a topic based on the current year’s theme.

Scholarship Sponsors (HKD 150,000 – HKD 300,000):
Lobo Law Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Lee
Victor and William Fung Foundation

Platinum Librarians (HKD 100,000):
Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Librarians (HKD 10,000 – 50,000):
Bridgeway Dev Co Ltd.
Calvin Lee
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd.
Ellen Chiu Po Man
Goldman Sachs Gives
Ivy Hau
Kelvin Hau
Mr. & Mrs. Afonso Ma
Paul Wong
Peterson Group Charity Foundation Ltd.
Philo Alto
Renee Boey
Rita Pang
Serena Fan

Patrons (HKD 1,000 – 8,000):
Alan Wong
Andrew Siu
Creative Kids
Cynthia Kwan
Danny Shek
David Cheung
Eric Lee
Eva Chen
George Ho
Irene Fan
John Boey
Lisa Pang
Louis Wong
Max Poon
Michael Yau
Ted Chan
Unis Chong
William Chu
Yuen Sha Tsui

Friends (HKD 500):
Felix Ho
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Tao