The Harvard Book Prize, Scholarship, and Essay Award 2021


We need your support to sustain the annual Book Prize and Scholarship as all costs are underwritten by the Harvard Club of Hong Kong Education Fund, which is a tax exempt section 88 Charitable Institution.

Your donations will enable us to broaden our reach of the Book Prize to more schools and to offer the Scholarship to more students to transform local students’ perspectives by attending the summer program at Harvard.


In 2017, a record breaking 219 schools participated and over 637 students received the Book Prize.

Winners of the Book Prize are eligible to apply for the Scholarship. The Scholarship presents an opportunity to change the lives of underprivileged Hong Kong teenagers who are talented but may not otherwise have considered studying abroad or Harvard within their reach.

The Scholarship covers all expenses that allow Scholarship winners seven weeks at Harvard during the summer - they live and learn on the historic campus, share meals with peers from all over the world, study with distinguished faculty, conduct research, and make use of one of the best library systems in the world.

Below are the costs to underwrite the Harvard Book Prize and Scholarship

Purchase of the Book Prize Books $140,000
Publicity (PR firm, website) $30,000
Photography and Videographer $20,000
Food and Beverage for students $18,000
Book Prize Certificates $10,000
Props and Stationary $5,000
Venue $5,000
Speaker Honorarium $1,000
Book Prize Stamps $1,000
Scholarship (3 students @ 150,000) $450,000
Buffer for the following year $120,000
TOTAL $800,000


Title Sponsor $500,000
Scholarship Sponsor $150,000 and above
Diamond Librarian Under $150,000
Platinum Librarian Under $100,000
Gold Librarian Under $50,000
Crimson Librarian Under $10,000
Director Under $1,000
Friends $500 and above

Harvard Book Prize & Scholarship Advisory Council (“HBPSAC”)

Council members are invited to join HBPSAC for a financial commitment of three years. Those who wish to learn more about HBPSAC may do so via email to:


Donations are accepted year round. Corporates, non-Harvard affiliated alumni, and prospective parents are also welcomed to donate.

Donate by mailing a crossed-check made out to "Harvard Club of Hong Kong Education Fund Limited" at the following address: Book Prize Donation, Harvard Club of Hong Kong Education Fund Limited, GPO Box 1723, Hong Kong or fill in the information below to pay by Paypal.

Donations greater than HK10,000 will receive a donation receipt.

If you wish to make an anonymous donation, please send an email to:


Donors of both the Book Prize and Scholarship are invited to attend the Award Ceremony on Friday, 1st June, 2018 at the Auditorium of La Salle College, 18 La Salle Road, Kowloon.

They will also be listed on the Book Prize page of our website according to the categories above unless they have opted out.


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