haa speakers bureau featuring prof jason ur

Friday, January 21st 2022 @ 9am HKT

HAA Speakers Bureau featuring Prof Jason Ur - Jan 20 8pm ET (Fri am for Australia/ Asia/ Middle East) 

Jason Ur is Stephen Phillips Professor of Archaeology and Ethnology in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University.  He specializes in early urbanism, landscape archaeology, and remote sensing, particularly the use of declassified US intelligence imagery.  He has directed field surveys in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.  He is the author of Urbanism and Cultural Landscapes in Northeastern Syria: The Tell Hamoukar Survey, 1999-2001 (2010).  Since 2012, he has directed the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey, an archaeological survey in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq.  He is also preparing a history of Mesopotamian cities.

One of his recent memorable talks was “Modern Spy Satellites and Ancient Assyria: How New Technologies are Reconstructing the Landscape of the Ancient World.”, which he gave at Princeton prior to the global COVID 19 “lockdown”. 

His personal academic website is https://scholar.harvard.edu/jasonur, and he does academic tweeting at @jasonalikur.  

This promises to be a stimulating discussion that is perhaps beyond our usual fare!   Please sign up and send a message to singapore@post.harvard.edu indicating your attendance!

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