To serve the Harvard community in Hong Kong through:

  • ACCESS to academic, professional and social opportunities

  • CONNECTION back to Harvard

  • ENGAGEMENT in community service

Dear fellow Alumnus / Alumna,

The Harvard Club of Hong Kong (HCHK) takes pride in serving our alumni community in Hong Kong. We closed the year in 2019 having organized and hosted 28 events, including Inter-University Mixers, Lectures/Talks by Harvard Professors, HAA Networking Events, as well as Social, Cultural, Family and Community Engagement Activities. In February 2020, our Club received the Harvard Alumni Association's Outstanding Organization Award for the first time!

Some of the club activities that we have held in the last 12 months:

  • Welcoming Harvard’s 29th President Lawrence S. Bacow Reception

  • HAA Global Networking Night: Hong Kong

  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes of Art Basel Tour

  • New Admits Meet & Greet

  • Seminar with Director of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, Dr. William Friedman

  • Ivy Ball 2019

  • Sending off three 2018 Prize Book Scholarship Winners to Harvard University Secondary Summer School Program

  • Pre-AGM Reception with GSAS Dean Emma Dench

  • 2019 Harvard Prize Book and Scholarship Award Ceremony (largest scale outside of the United States, involving 246 secondary schools in Hong Kong and over 720 winning students)

  • HAA Welcome to Your City: Hong Kong

  • Dinner with Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel

  • Annual Interclub Thanksgiving Dinner 2019

  • Harvard Prize Book Mentorship Program 2019

Cooperation with:

  • Harvard Alumni Association (HAA)

  • Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum

  • Harvard Business School Association of Hong Kong

  • Harvard Business School Asia-Pacific Research Centers

  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • Harvard Kennedy School

  • Harvard University Asia Leadership Trek

  • Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

  • Harvard China Fund

  • Harvard University Asia Center

You can also view the activities we have organized to date at http://www.harvardhk.org/main/events.

MEMBERSHIP: As a volunteer organization, we always aim to strive for a higher level of membership and involvement with the Club. Receiving emails from the Club does not mean that you are already a member of the Club. You can check on your membership status by:

1) Logging in using your Login ID and password on upper right corner 'Login or Register' box
2) If you have forgotten your Login ID and/or password, email membership@harvardhk.org and we will assist you in retrieving the info

If you are not a member, we hope you will consider joining the Club and encourage your fellow Harvard alumni to do the same. You can become a Patron or Lifetime Member by paying a one-off fee and enjoy enrolment priority at lower rates on most events while saving time to renew your membership regularly.

Please click (http://www.harvardhk.org/main/membership) to select the option that is most suitable for you.

GETTING INVOLVED: Members of the Board of the HCHK work as volunteers to organize activities for our Club Members. We are always looking for Club Members to bring in talent, ideas and energy. We welcome members of the HCHK to join one of the following four sub-committees (http://www.harvardhk.org/main/officers):

Engaging the alumni community and enriching overall membership experience. Key tasks include recruiting members, maintaining membership statistics and encouraging young alu


Email Address

1. Membership

Engaging the alumni community and enriching overall membership experience. Key tasks include recruiting members, maintaining membership statistics and encouraging young alumni and family members to get involved in club events

Serena Fan, Edward Chan, Calvin Lee,
Anne Chiou, Paul Wong, Wang Cheung



2. Development

Facilitating partnerships with working parties and seeking innovative ways to engage in community service

Calvin Lee, Mark He



3. Special Interests

Contributing innovative event ideas for the Club in the following areas:

a. Arts

Betty Ng, Erin Dillard, Gregory Leong, Anthony Wong


b. Education

Arnold Chan, Brandon Lin, Erin Dillard, Paul Cruickshank


c. Media & Technology

Edward Chan, Anthony Wong, Brandon Lin
Michael Law, Arnold Chan


d. Healthcare & Sustainability

Paul Cruickshank



4. Prize Book

Anthony Wong, Catherine Shih, Edward Chan, Renee Boey, Serena Fan


4. Ivy Ball

Representing the Club and organizing the annual Ivy Ball

Paul Wong, Wang Cheung




Email Address


Anthony Wong, Gregory Leong & Rebecca Walker Chan


Prize Book

Calvin Lee, Renee Boey & Serena Fan


Club Liaison

Wang Cheung & Michael Law & Rebecca Walker Chan


Community Engagement

Philo Alto


Family Events

Leonard Yuen, Tiffany Lee & Catherine Shih



Leonard Yuen


Ivy Ball

Paul Wong & Wang Cheung


Media Communications

Anita Yiu



Rita Pang, Michael Law, James Lin & Catherine Shih


Young Alumni Affairs

Scarlett Yin & Nicholas Gordon


For all other enquiries, please contact events@harvardhk.org.

We wish you a prosperous Year of the Rat, and we look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the next Harvard Club event!


Serena Fan
(GSE, EDM 2014)
President, Harvard Club of Hong Kong